Beginning Feb. 4, 2020, all Canadian events will appear on StubHub in Canadian dollars (CAD). Your sales on Canadian events will also be paid in Canadian dollars.


Will this change anything for sales that have gone through but I haven't been paid on?
No, these payment and currency changes will only take effect after Feb. 4. All sales before Feb. 4 will be paid in USD.
Will all my inventory already posted on StubHub change to CAD automatically on Feb. 4? 
Yes, prices will automatically convert to CAD on Feb. 4. As with any listing, you can always edit your price anytime before your tickets sell.
What happens to seller penalties once the new program goes live?
All seller penalties created on Feb. 4 or later for Canadian events must be paid in Canadian dollars. They will be charged to your StubHub account by deducting funds owed from future ticket sale payments.
Will I get my sales for tickets for U.S. and Canada in one batch payment? 
No, we will separate U.S. and Canada seller payments. 
Can I have different payment methods for my Canadian and U.S. sales? 
Yes, you must have two different payment methods: one for sales in USD and one for sales in CAD. These can be in the same PayPal account (you must add separate wallets) or separate bank accounts (one in the US for USD and one in CA for CAD).