When you set a price alert, we notify you through text or your StubHub account if tickets meet your price range and seating. You'll get 1 notification per day per event for the alert. The alert comes around the same time each day.

Important: Use the StubHub app to set or stop price alerts. It's not available on a computer.

Setting a price alert

  1. Find your event
    • iPhone: Tap 'Info' next to the event name
    • Android: Tap the 'i' next to the event name
  2. Tap 'Price alert' and fill out the details (how many tickets, zone selection, and your max price per ticket)
  3. Tap 'Save'

Removing a price alert

  1. Tap 'Profile' then 'Price alerts'
  2. Tap the price alert
  3. Tap the trash can. Then tap 'Remove.'